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Pi is the ratio between circumference and its radius 3.14159265359... 

It’s a fixed number that keeps on going forever without ever replicate the same combination or sequence of numbers

This means there’s all the number possible in that decimal number so your date of birth, your phone number, you credit card pin code, the anniversary of your relationship

If you assign each number to a letter

There’s the first syllable you spoke when you we’re child, the name of your latest crush, the name of your parents

And every word or sentence

So in pi you could find any song lyrics, poetry, entire movie scripts

Basically all living things and your life in the ratio inside a circle

So the idea is that life is like a cycle of good things and bad things and you should be ready to approach both times knowing that is gonna change soon or later but with the calm that is normal and that good times will come back.

Inspire3.14 embrace this philosophy in all its designs, trying to make you stop and think throughout its rich and meaningful art. Inspire3.14 it’s a clothing brand born in Los Angeles, designed in Italy and destined to the world.